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Boat Charter in Thailand.

If you do not happen to be a boat owner but are craving to experience some time at sea then chartering a boat is the best way to fulfil the dream. In Thailand you can charter a boat with a captain or bareboat (without crew); this depends upon your previous boating experience and the type of holiday you have in mind.
Most charter company's who advertise bareboat charters will provide a quick boating course to find out how much you know about basic navigation and to teach the operating requirements for the boat you want to charter.
Obviously if you have no boating experience at all it is not a great idea to try to take a bareboat charter. Thailand charter company's have mostly sailing boats that be may be bareboat chartered, most of the available motor boats come with a crew. When you are searching for that boat to charter do lots of research and make sure you approach a reputable company with insurance and the experience to make sure that your boating vacation is both safe and enjoyable.
A boat charter is a great way to explore those areas of Thailand that are inaccessible by road and to relax on some of the stunning islands in the Gulf of Thailand.


Boat Builders in Thailand.

Thailand is a great place to take a holiday and also to have your new boat built. There are a range of boat building businesses throughout Thailand with the larger facilities based at Samut Prakan near Bangkok and smaller yards at Phuket, Ranong and around Pattaya in Chonburi province.
Equipment for boats costs the same all over the globe but the lower labor charge and infrastructure cost in Thailand helps to bring the finished cost of a new vessel below what it would be in a Western country. Productivity is, of course, lower but that said a boat that would cost a million dollars in Australia or the USA will be approximately 20 - 25% cheaper in Thailand.
Quality and attention to detail needs to be constantly monitored and it is usually best if you can do that yourself. If you are not available for long periods of time then employ a 3rd party, preferably a marine surveyor, to keep an eye on progress.
Thai traditional skills, especially in carpentry/joinery, when combined with modern materials can provide an extremely attractive finish for your new boat.
Thailand based boat yards are available for boat construction using all standard materials including GRP, Epoxy, Aluminum, Steel and Wood. Some yards are production model based but most smaller Thailand boat builders produce custom boats to the client's design.

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